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45 per cent of Aussies are dirty, dirty cheaters. Not only in the bedroom, but in the loungeroom, while they are on the Xbox, on their smartphone at the gym, on the way to work on the train.

The nature of this betrayal is deep, long lasting, and is damaging relationships. I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you.

Your partner is likely to be sneaking episodes of that series you're watching together without you.


Dating and romance scams are the most effective way for scammers to con people out of their cash - more than $25 million was lost through 4100 reported scams in 2016. In light of Valentine's Day tomorrow, the ACCC is warning people to be extra vigilant when looking for romance online, stating social media is now the top way for scammers to make contact.

Here's how to know if your Nigerian prince is legit.


We're coming up on Valentine's Day. The time of year when the pungent stench of over-priced roses fill the air and dudes the world over collectively mutter "Chicks like candles, right?"

Perhaps you'll be kicking off the festivities early this weekend. Maybe a rom-com will be in order. Fear not, they're not all garbage fires. There are some genuinely good fauxmance films out there, some of which may not make you want to projectile everywhere.


Sure, chocolates and flowers are perfectly nice Valentine's Day presents, and you can't really go wrong with them. If you want to use the occasion to show the person in your life that you really know what makes them tick, though, take the opportunity and pick up a geeky gift.


Chocolate and flowers are classic Valentines gifts, but sometimes you just need to go the extra mile to impress that special person in your life. If you're lucky enough to have a lady friend who is more on the geeky side of normal and you want to prove you love her more than the power of a thousand exploding Starkiller Bases, look no further than our Valentine's Day gift guide.