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Conspiracy kingpin and Infowars huckster Alex Jones tried to "storm" the Google Fibre offices in Austin earlier this week, which essentially entailed entering the building and babbling about a "big AI supermachine" before being asked to leave by Google Fibre staff and the police. Jones is well-known in the city as a sort of regional nuisance and sideshow curiosity, and so was immediately identified by an employee and asked to leave. However, staff do not seem to have recognised a bleached-blonde sidekick accompanying him.

In a parallel universe, there's a planet where it rains only Italian cured meats. It appears that somehow, a wormhole has ripped through the space-time continuum and connected that world to ours, as evidenced by an assemblage of Italian sausage recently found on a family's roof in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It's a mystery meat whodunnit that raises more questions than answers; a cold case that has shaken a community to its core.