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"Swift" is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly five times longer than drones currently on the market - it can be airborne for more than six hours before the battery runs out.

Oh, and it was invented by a 19 year old law student from The University of Western Australia - just in case you needed to feel inadequate today.


Flying drones inside burning buildings while looking for disaster survivors is incredibly hard, but it's also one of the most promising applications of the machines. That's why the Gimball search and rescue drone, billed as the world's first collision-proof drone, was just awarded $US1 million in the United Arab Emirates' Drones for Good competition.


This week, the United Nations will debate the role of so-called "killer robots" on the battlefield — so called, because robots are currently killing humans on the battlefield, and the next steps in their robo-evolution will have serious consequences for the future of war.