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YouTube has decided to celebrate its upcoming Geek Week event by giving its site an, um, underhaul — and making it look like Unix. If you head to the site and type "/ geekweek" into the search field, you'll be presented with a site full of fixed width fonts, simple colours and ASCII art.


We're not sure why nobody's caught this bug until now, but OpenBSD developer Marc Balmer has just closed the book on a 25-year-old flaw affecting BSD file systems. He found it when an OpenBSD user emailed him about SAMBA crashing, which he then traced to a workaround SAMBA used to function correctly on BSD systems, which he THEN traced back to a flaw that existed since August of 1983. This bug is in every single BSD system since then, including Mac OS X. The code itself was a very trivial fix, which makes it all the crazier that it took 25 years to do so.