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Next week, a new generation of uni students will swarm to universities around the country, partying hard, making new friends and promptly forgetting everyone's names. After the fun of O-Week however they'll have to settle in for the next three or more years of stressful study, exams and living it up on a shoestring — and here are the ten best apps to make sure it all goes smoothly.


On Tuesday at UNSW, 22 teams from universities around Australia and New Zealand gathered to pit purpose-built robots against each other in a battle of intelligent design. A crowd gathered in the auditorium where two intricate looking obstacle courses had been set up for the robots to navigate, cheering whenever one team's creation pulled off a perfect run. This is the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition, and the entrants are the roboticists of Australia's future.


On the scale of "irritating" to "soul-boiling" telemarketers, university alumni fundraisers aren't the worst. The way that school alumni relations offices decide which former students to contact, however, is a liiittle creepy. Universities are scouring former students' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to figure out who to hit up for cash, and using targets' interests to make pitches as manipulative and persuasive as possible.