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Controlling your home theatre system used to be easy -- you simply told your kid to turn the knob. But today's home theatre packed with feature-rich TVs, cable boxes, AV receivers and streaming boxes -- and all demanding their own remotes -- there's no way the little guy can keep up. It's time to replace your pile of remotes with an app that does everything they can do and more.


It's taken forever and a half for Logitech to introduce a new universal remote -- but they finally have. Meet the Logitech Harmony Touch, a new universal remote that changes the Harmony button layout and replaces most of its actions with a touchscreen.


According to Bose, only one in three homes have home theatre systems installed at home. That's not good enough! To try and get more people enjoying the wonders of high quality home entertainment audio, Bose has gone and created its very first TV, and stuffed it full of high quality audio speakers.


If there was one gadget that I'd argue is the cornerstone of my home theatre setup, it's not my 50-inch plasma or my AV receiver. It's my Logitech Harmony Universal remote control. But after a week away, I came back to discover something horrific - my Harmony has disappeared!


The Cyclops universal remote would fit in so well in someone's Star Fleet quarters, I'm surprised it doesn't have a replicator button on it. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for the far-flung future to own one.


Gazing at an iPhone or iPod Touch's glass screen, some of us dream about apps, while others dream about video podcasts. Others think about porn. But others - like the folks at New Potato Technologies - look at the iPhone's screen and think: "that would make a great universal remote", and then create an R peripheral to make the idea possible.