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We've already heard that the next Nexus phone will be similar to the powerful LG Optimus G, but this might be the first time we're getting a good look at it. A gallery of photos of an LG Android phone that looks like the Optimus G and runs stock Android has popped up on XDA Developers. Could this be the next Nexus?


Nothing like a good Apple rumour to get your juices flowing of a morning, is there? This morning we received a tip off that hardware supplier, Express Online, is telling its customers that the MacBook Pro has been discontinued. New MacBook Pro Airs incoming?


It doesn't seem fair that the MacBook Air line has several features over the MacBook Pro (sleek profile, USB ports on both sides, higher-res screen). A major design refresh to the Pro line, the first in three years, has been bandied about for months now, but according to Japanese siteMacotakara, Apple's definitely working on a skinnier Pro.