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At UCHI this week, Sony were showing off their latest Blu-ray players, the BDP-S350 and the BDP-S550. And while we've seen these players on Giz before, it's good to know that Sony are finally releasing some BD-Live capable players here in Australia. What's more, they're actually at mass market price points: $449 for the S350 and $649 for the S550.

But the announcement of these players in Australia wasn't the most exciting piece of Blu-ray information gained from the event - that mantle went to the hint that the next generation of players would include wireless networking capabilities.

Jesus had a nice up close look at the ZX1 TV from Sony back at IFA a few weeks ago, and his response was pretty similar to our own after seeing it at UCHI this week: Wow.

The TV, which manages its ultra-slim body by outsourcing its TV components to a separate box, only needs a single power cable to power the screen. It connects to the other box - which includes all the same connections and controls you'd find on a Bravia TV - using a proprietary wireless technology from Sony. Apparently it doesn't interfere with any of your other wireless techs (like your garage door or wireless headphones), and the box can be hidden away up to 15 metres away.

Sony have a mandate to have 90% of their products networked connected within the next couple of years. That's a pretty big task, no matter who you ask, but one that the company is actually moving towards fairly quickly thanks to a little technology we like to call DLNA.

The first Sony Ericsson phone to feature DLNA is the C905 Cybershot snapper, which comes with Wi-Fi, an 8.1-megapixel snapper (and typical camera functions like face detect, BestPic and a Xenon flash).

Connected to other DLNA devices on your network, you can use the C905 to access and view content stored on your PC, PS3 or other DLNA device. Or, you can access content (like photos) from your phone on your PS3, without having to plug it in.

The C905 is looking to land in Australia in October. And if you happen to be a Mac user and therefore aren't impressed with the whole DLNA thing, then you'll be happy to know that the C905 is also one of the first Sony Ericsson phones that is OS agnostic - so you'll be able to sync your content between your phone and your MacBook.

We've seen Sony's Sountina speaker on Giz before, but yesterday at their UCHI event, Sony were showcasing the speaker for the first time in Australia. For those whose memories are lacking, the Sountina is a vertical speaker that uses some weird kind of tech to both do away with the need for stereo speakers, as well as maintain a consistent volume in 360 degrees no matter how close you are to the speaker.

As you can see from the video above, it's a funky looking device. The whole volume thing is actually really disconcerting - while it may seem a little bit louder closer to the actual speaker, you can walk about 5 metres way and it still sounds like it's the same volume. And even when you're standing right next to it, you can still hold a conversation without raising your voice or gesturing like a monkey.

Sound quality was pretty good in the mid to high range, but the bottom end was distorting like it was in pain. It may have been something to do with the fact that the speaker's base was just sitting on concrete, but the sound was still shaking around all over the place in the low end.

Well the entries are now closed, and five lucky Gizmodians are going to spend next Thursday night partying with Sony.

Thanks to everyone who entered. The three of you who actually took up the multimedia part of the challenge are set to check out the latest Sony tech with a guest each, while two lucky commenters will be grabbing a friend or loved one for a night out as well.

And the winners are.

I don't care if you guys are lazy - I still think you're awesome. That's why I really want you to enter this UCHI comp. Not only do you get a free night out (so long as you live in Sydney), but you'll get to check out the latest and greatest Sony kit.

Hit the link to see how to enter, but seeing as how I'm judging this, I'm still giving mega-mega bonus points for multimedia entries sent through to [email protected] If you can't be bothered (which, let's face it, is most of you), just tell us why you should win in 25 words or less after the link.

It seems Gizmodian laziness has soared to heights not even our beloved ed's openness to bribery*, an anonymous BMG artist or (gasp) finger food can overcome.

With just 10 days left until the much anticipated (and very exclusive) Sony UCHI party, we still have 5 double passes to the event up for grabs.

Since we're such generous people here at Giz, and our previous calls for creativity have gone unanswered, we're going to open up this comp.

To enter, simply tell us via the comments, in 25 words or less, why you should be the one schmoozing it with Sony and Australia's tech media at the UCHI showcase on Thursday September 25th.

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You guys must have done something right. Remember that Sony media event we mentioned yesterday, UCHI? Well, it's exclusively for media (and Sony people of course). Oh, and five of you guys.

That's right. Sony are offering five Gizmodo readers the chance to win a double pass to the (very) exclusive UCHI party night on Thursday September 25. You can't get these tickets anywhere else - you can't even buy them (although I am open to bribery*).

There'll be food, drinks and a live performance by a Sony BMG artist - I know who it is, but I can't tell you. However, I can guarantee that it's not John Mayer.

Unfortunately though, it's only open to Sydney residents (or people prepared to travel to Sydney for one night's entertainment during the middle of the week.

How to enter.

Sony have sent out media invitations to an upcoming showcase of their new products called UCHI. While our non-Japanese speaking readers may think that sounds like a rare form of noodle found in dodgy chinese restaurants, our Japanese-speaking readers will (correctly) know that uchi is the Japanese word for "home" or "inside".

Sony promises that UCHI will be a "visionary display of tech-fused design combined with spectacular architecture", which sounds like it could be a pretty unique way of checking out their latest range of upcoming products.

The event's going to be hosted by Sony Australia MD Carl Rose and begins on September 23.

For those of you who remember last year's Experience More event, you'll know that Sony generally put on a good spread of gadgets this time of the year, so we'll be expecting some great things.

But even more importantly, stay tuned for your chance to win exclusive tickets to experience UCHI for yourself, with the chance to party with some of Sony BMG's hottest new artists.