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It sounds like the plot of a winter blockbuster, but the United Arab Emirates is apparently quite serious about building a mountain to increase rainfall in the region. Would it work? Probably. But instead of launching an infrastructure project where a very rich country attempts to dig its way out of a drought, the UAE needs to get serious about conserving its water.


The list of countries that have mounted successful missions to Mars is not exactly long: the US and Russia, as you'd expect, and more recently India. But now the United Arab Emirates has an ambitious plan to enter the race as soon as 2020.


A new airport complex is taking shape in Abu Dhabi, where roughly 12,000 construction workers are on-site daily to finish the massive structure, whose floor area is larger than that of the Pentagon. According to UAE paper The National, it will take 76,000 tonnes of steel to build the structure's dramatic arches, designed by New York-based KPF.


We knew Dubai was growing uncontrollably, but this video demonstrates how absolutely crazy this growth has been. It covers 11 years, from 2000 to 2011. These sheiks and their real estate developers are completely nuts.


Watch me figure the Zayed National Museum out: its metallic sails are obviously supposed to represent the wingtips of some enormous super-insect whose head happens to be burrowed underground while it's taking a nap.