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Twitter announced its Q4 2016 earnings on Thursday, and the results weren't great. Despite being the social platform of choice for the leader of the free world, Twitter missed analyst revenue expectations. Even more disturbing, its ad revenue was actually down for fiscal year 2016 from 2015. That's right, in a year where Twitter was in the media more than ever before, its advertising revenues decreased.


Netflix debuted the teaser trailer for their original series Dear White People earlier today, and wouldn't you know it, some very predictable people weren't pleased! A summation of the 34-second teaser might be "blackface is bad!" which most sane, compassionate individuals would agree with. But if the internet were populated only by the sane and compassionate, we'd never have hashtags like #BoycottNetflix.


Twitter is making some changes which the platform says are to ensure "the issue of safety is addressed from every angle." The changes include stopping the creation of "abusive" accounts, creating a "safe search" that removes "sensitive content" and "collapsing" abusive and low-quality replies.