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The robot discourse has changed dramatically since the first season of Humans was on air in 2015. This is mainly because HBO premiered Westworld last spring, a mindscrew of a show that used robots to dig deep into the nature of consciousness and the metaphysical requirements of a soul. Humans, while also very much about the nature of consciousness, is not so esoteric in its exploration.


This past weekend, the BBC aired Terry Pratchett: Back in Black, a part-drama, part-documentary tribute to mark the death of one of fantasy's most beloved authors. Typically, these sorts of specials about dead celebrities include "talking head" insight from fellow celebrities, but rarely cover the indelible mark left on seas of ordinary fans. Back in Black does, and it's what makes it stand out as a stunning farewell to Pratchett.


Two days ago, news broke that a Castlevania TV show would be heading to Netflix in 2017, prompting thousands of jokes quoting dialogue from the video game series. In a Facebook post, producer Adi Shankar said, "I personally guarantee that it will end the streak and be the Western world's first good video game adaptation." I talked to Shankar yesterday and he sounds totally committed to that.