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Earlier this week, an episode of Netflix's children cartoon Maya the Bee was pulled after a hidden phallus was discovered by an angry parent. Now, the studio behind the cartoon looks to be pursuing charges against the penis-drawing artist. But in truth, sneaking dicks and other sex jokes into cartoons is weirdly long-standing animation tradition.


Star Wars Rebels has never shied away from emotion — and the latest episode, Legacy of Mandalore, offers up an extra-large serving. It puts us smack in the middle of a rare Star Wars conflict, a mother versus daughter, then hits us with a very big shake-up. If you haven't seen the episode, here's your spoiler warning.


Every so often, two wildly different franchises come together to form a perfect, hilarious whole. In this case, we have Westworld, a sci-fi TV show set in a wild-west theme park populated by androids, combined with City Slickers, a 1991 comedy western where three city-dwelling friends venture from the big smoke to discover themselves. Funny Or Die decided to mix them together, gathering cast members from both properties and it works amazingly well.


Apple is preparing to film its own original scripted TV shows and potentially movies, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Apple executives are reportedly already in discussion with industry veterans about how to create shows comparable to Netflix's Stranger Things or HBO's Westworld. If all goes according to plan, the company will begin offering its original TV shows on its $11.99-per-month streaming service Apple Music by the end of 2017. Sadly, it looks like Apple is going to half-arse the enterprise.


I get a huge kick out of fiction within fiction. I particularly love it when fake games are included to further flesh out a world.

We see this in video games a fair bit — particularly card games that players can use to make bank. Gwent is a strong example, being so popular that it's being released as a standalone. And let's not forget the likes of Pazaak and Wicked Grace.


It's a brand-new day in a brand-new year, and there's a lot to be excited about in 2017. We've got the big Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week.

We're getting a brand-new Star Wars movie, Game of Thrones comes back with its penultimate season, and Marvel's got not one, not two, but three major films debuting this year. Plus, you've got a ton of books and comic books. What isn't there to love?


Video: Do you want to take a look back at 2016? Yeah, me neither. I've blocked out so much of what happened this year that I'm not even sure if it was a memorable year for movies and TV shows. If I squeeze my brain really hard to remember: Spider-Man was fun in Captain America: Civil War, the trailer for Arrival looked great (I haven't watched the actual movie yet), Game of Thrones ruled this season, Westworld was a show people like to talk about way too much and that's about it. I've forgotten everything else.