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Depending on who you ask, Altered Carbon is either Netflix's answer to Game of Thrones, or a Blade Runner knockoff. But the truth is, it's neither. It's an entertaining show that, unfortunately, never manages to break out and become that genre-spanning hit Netflix was surely hoping for. Cyberpunk fans will love it, book fans will accept it, and the world at large may end up forgetting it.

LG (currently) has the monopoly on OLED screens, and for good reason - the technology is notoriously expensive and difficult to engineer. But the results? Genuinely the closest you will get to a high-quality cinema experience in the home.

But after spending the night with LG's latest OLED range, I'd say it's even better.

The fourth episode of Legion is a complete mind-fuck, to put it mildly. It answers a couple of questions, asks about 30 dozen more, and leads you to doubt everything that's ever happened on the series so far. If the previous episode made us feel like we were finally safe and sound, this episode just gave us a giant middle finger and said, "Screw you. You'll never be safe again."

The premiere episode of Legion was about driving all of us to the brink of insanity, so getting a chance to rest and refresh in the mutant resistance's superhero camp seems like it would just what David needs. But something very fishy seems to be going on in Summerland...

From the opening moments of Riverdale, you will either decide it's too over-the-top for you or fall in love with its commitment to being as ridiculous as possible. But if you stick with it, you'll find that there's a lot more heart to the show than you expected. It's weird, campy, beautiful, and delightful. I instantly wanted more.