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Right now is one of the best times to buy a new TV. In early January, TV makers will announce their 2019 sets at CES, so all the 2018 set will be cheaper than usual as companies work to burn off their old inventory. And seeing as all those new, 2019 TVs won’t start showing up in stores until March, at the earliest you’ve got a few months to enjoy your set without being envious of others. But you know what will make your TV even more enjoyable? These tricks for significantly improving its image quality.

At a glitzy event near Times Square yesterday, Sony unveiled its new lineup of Bravia flagship TVs. (The company literally pulled a veil off of them, according to an eyewitness account from this blogger.) The new TVs are collectively called the Master Series, and the screens are designed to offer image quality that’s comparable to Sony’s high-end professional reference monitors, the same kind that Hollywood people use when making feature films. Also, somewhat confusingly, Netflix is involved.