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Video: There's diminishing returns when it comes to adding more blades to a wind turbine, however fewer blades mean the turbine would have to spin faster, which is apparently not a very good thing when it comes to controlling a turbine. That's basically why we settled on the three-bladed wind turbine system. I think it also looks coolest?


There's a reason that wind farms are placed offshore rather than in urban areas -- the turbines are typically huge, difficult to erect, and need a solid sustained gust to produce any meaningful amount of current. This prototype, on the other hand, will assemble more easily than an Ikea bookshelf and quietly produce kilowatts atop skyscrapers.


I've always found wind turbines to be hilarious, I mean, it just stands in the middle of nowhere, minding its own business, spinning peacefully. Not this exploded turbine though. This 100m tall, $US3 million(!) turbine spun itself so fast it EXPLODED IN FLAMES.


Swiss scientists designed a small blood-powered turbine that would fit in your arteries and power internal electronics like a pacemaker. Each turbine can produce 800 microwatts of energy which is far greater than the 10 microwatts used by a pacemaker.