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Video: The filmmakers from Sneaky Zebra are back with a sequel to a 2013 short film called Prop Wars, where countless movie replicas are used in an epic battle between a group of friends. Prop Wars: Prop Harder draws its inspiration from countless blockbusters including Tron: Legacy, The Force Awakens, Men In Black, Evil Dead and even the endless Marvel movies, but half the fun is trying to spot the less-obvious references and nods.


TRON and Tron: Legacy are two of the most seminal movies for geeks the world over. Now on the original film's 30th birthday, it's time to go back to The Grid and relive the magic with the making-of documentary.


If you're a Jeff Bridges fan, Tron: Legacy was a double dose of awesomesauce. But how on earth did they turn back the clock on the dude to get a young Clu running the show? While I wish there were a fountain of youth - or some sort of Mission Impossible-style mask? - the time-bending technique is revealed in this exclusive video.


Have you ever wondered about the creative process behind all that software art you see in movies such as Minority Report? You've probably wished your operating system's interface was blue-on-black, at any rate. Josh Nimoy, the man behind the special effects for Tron Legacy, has described how the movie's software art came about - and provided a unique glimpse at some stills from the creative journey.