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According to some under-the-radar news outlets, there's a lot to look forward to when it comes to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone. The rumoured device is expected to ship next year with a number of new features that would help it stand out in a world filled with iPhone X offspring and decent, low-cost phones. The host of upgrades may be exactly what Samsung needs, making the device more compelling than the S9, which didn't do so hot earlier this year.

I have a friend who often likes to joke about the pointlessness of dual cameras. And even though I know his jabs are often said in jest, there's a bit of truth in there too. I mean really, how much better is two cameras than one? Well just as we were getting used to two cameras, Chinese phone giant Huawei is kicking off a whole new race to fill the entire backside of phones with cameras starting with the triple cam arrangement on the new P20 Pro.