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Teenage Evan knew he was supposed to want sex. Sometimes when I'd watch soap operas with my mum and people would kiss onscreen, I'd feel... tingling. This was probably significant, I thought, and warranted further investigation. I couldn't ask my mum or teachers at school. Thankfully, I had Star Trek. And it was First Officer Spock who hipped me to the first big clue: "It has to do with biology..."

When Star Trek fans fight about the best Trek show, nine times out of 10 they're arguing about the original series versus The Next Generation. Obviously, both shows are excellent and fundamental to the franchise, but they aren't the best Trek ever put on television. I believe that honour belongs to Deep Space Nine and praise the prophets, do I love it.

As with so many franchises that have managed to last decades, there's a wealth of Star Trek material out there for old fans and new fans to devote their time to. Two amazing, possible insane fans have looked at the massive number of Star Trek books and charted out how they all interact with each other and when they take place in canon.

Star Trek's ideals don't sit all that well with your average video game. Trek's idealistic view of the future mostly dealt with conflict through discussion rather than liberal phaser blasts to the face, and video games are usually the other way around. That's why a first-person shooter in the Star Trek universe should never have worked. Until it did.

This episode should have never worked. It was a one-off, inconsequential story about characters we've never seen before nor would ever see again. It had no battles, no enemies, no star trekking of any kind. And yet, "The Inner Light" from Star Trek: The Next Generation lives on; not just as one of the best episodes of Star Trek, but as one of the finest pieces of modern television. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Star Trek's Holodeck technology could conjure up pretty much any scenario you could imagine, but there were always a select few that the crews of the Enterprise, DS9 and Voyager would always return to... some more enjoyable than others. Here are every one of those recurring holoprograms, from worst to best.