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You can probably think of countless reasons why you don't want to take your dog for a walk. It's too cold, you're tired, your arch nemesis lives around the corner -- the list goes on and on. But with this double-duty exercise bike and treadmill, you can give your pup a good run without ever stepping outside.

There's a recent fitness trend that sees people switching from a traditional desk to working on a treadmill to maximise their physical activity. The problem is that at anything more vigorous than a casual stride, it's difficult to read a static display while on a treadmill. At least until researchers at Purdue University commercialise their new ReadingMate system.

What if you only weighed a fraction of what you actually do? You could run so fast. You could take an immense amount of pressure off your knees while still getting a workout. You could focus entirely on your form.

Most avid World of Warcraft players don't wonder too much about what it would be like to truly run as often and as far as their avatars, because a.) that sounds hard and b.) they're too busy wondering would it would be like to run at all. Nonetheless, some crafty young WoWers managed to hook up a couple of treadmills and joysticks to their computers in such a way as to simulate actually running across Azeroth. Even when some handicaps were programmed into the system, the (sort of) reality was clear: WoW characters are FAST.