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The average Australian family is spending up to $22,000 every year to get around, according to the Australian Automobile Association.

The AAA commissioned Australia's first Transport Affordability Index to track transport affordability by analysing tax, tollways, public transport and finance costs as a proportion of average household income across states and territories.


If a trial planned for next year goes as planned, we could be tapping our bank cards instead of an Opal card to travel on NSW's public transport network.

Mastercard has spoken in support of the plan, stating that Sydney is "the perfect city" to lead the charge for transit contactless technology in Australia, stating "this will also make Sydney more appealing to international visitors and help boost local tourism," Mastercard said in a statement.


Transferring stuff to ships is a surprisingly ticklish business: coming in to dock is expensive, and trying to transfer supplies from a small barge to a 30m container ship is equally not fun. But dropping off small, important items by drone? Sounds about right.


A few years ago, Williamsburg resident and real estate entrepreneur Dan Levy went skiing and marvelled at the efficiency of the mountain's new gondola lift. The cabins were so large that he felt like he was on a New York City subway car. And then it dawned on him: Why not build a gondola lift in the city?