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Facebook is holding its F8 developer conference today. Given that it's been going through a lot of trouble related to third-party developers it brought a surprise announcement to take your mind off of privacy concerns. It will soon give you control over the information that apps and websites are seeing about you, and let you opt out.

Is it ethical to track your kids? Who is the worst video game dad? And what's an appropriate age to introduce younglings to the Star Wars universe? This week on Static we're all about the weird parenting questions, and we certainly have some opinions. Especially about Kratos in God of War.

If you were concerned about Facebook tracking your every move, do I have news for you that will just make your day - or not.

Surprise! You're constantly being tracked by almost every platform online. But we're here to help you, for just five easy monthly payments of $49.95 - nah just kidding here's some free advice, my friends. Run, be free.

As public and political sentiment shifts against the titans of Silicon Valley, the tech world's tactics in Washington are getting dirty. Google has been facing increased scrutiny lately, and Oracle has been doing its best to fuel the fire. In a new report about its latest attack, Oracle's political fixer in Washington, Ken Gleuck, threw around accusations that sound more like Steve Bannon than Steve Jobs.

A new study by France's Exodus Privacy and the Yale University Privacy lab has concluded that over three out of four of apps available on the Google Play Store contain third-party tracking plugins, the Guardian reported today. Apps sucking up personal information included some of the most popular ones on the platform, "including Tinder, Spotify, Uber and OKCupid", as well as innumerable others.

In the summer of 2015, Alexandra Franco got a letter in the mail from a company she had never heard of called AcurianHealth. The letter, addressed to Franco personally, invited her to participate in a study of people with psoriasis, a condition that causes dry, itchy patches on the skin.

Facebook knows more about your personal life than you probably realise. As part of the company's increasingly aggressive advertising operation, Facebook goes to great lengths to track you across the web. The company compiles a list of personal details about every user that includes major life events and general interests. For years, details have been murky about how exactly the social network targets ads -- but the company has finally given us a glimpse into how the secret sauce is made.

The 2016 election has intensely focused on the debate surrounding the NSA's endless amount of spying powers. But when Iowa voters recently voiced their opinion on who should be in charge of that murky world of cyber surveillance (among other things), they didn't know they were already targets themselves.

In the days and weeks before Chinese New Year, some 700 million people cram onto trains, buses, planes and boats to go home. This mass migration is the largest annual movement of humans in the world, and now it can be tracked by smartphone.