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The Stylophone started life as a kitschy electronic toy instrument—the digital version of the kazoo, if you will—but over the years has slowly developed new sounds and features making it more than just a novelty.

The new Stylophone Gen R-8 is an evolutionary leap compared to previous versions of the instrument, and one that might finally have musicians taking the Stylophone seriously.

As the trailers have revealed, all is not well in the land of Lego after the arrival of the “Duplo savages” at the end of the first movie. And even though Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Benny, and Unikitty find themselves living in the dystopian Apocalypseburg in the upcoming sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, the characters still muster enough goodwill and hope to celebrate the holidays in this charming new short: Emmett’s Holiday Party.

If you've ever been disappointed by the performance of a Nerf toy, you're not alone. For safety (and legal) reasons the blasters come with limited power out of the box, but there's a thriving community of modders online who've found ways to give them more kick. That includes Peter Sripol who hacked a Nerf blaster so that it's now powered by explosive hydrogen it generates all by itself.

No game on Earth better represents the American dream than Monopoly. But at its heart, the classic board game isn’t about buying properties, going to jail, or running the local utilities; it’s about amassing wealth. So with Monopoly Cash Grab, Hasbro has distilled the game down to its purest form, replacing the board, tokens, and properties with a blaster that just shoots money at players.

Ping a co-worker in the head with a foam dart and you’ll get an annoyed reaction at worst, but soak a co-worker with a water gun and you’ll find yourself in a meeting with HR. Jakks Pacific’s new Skid Shot blaster falls somewhere between the two. It automatically ingests and turns squares of toilet paper into sopping wet spitball projectiles that won’t damage electronics like a Super Soaker can, but will create enough of a mess to make you feel like a teenage delinquent again.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo's regular roundup of all the shiny new toys tempting our wallets lately. This week: Doctor Who's newest Doctor gets a lovely little action figure, Gambit gets an insanely articulated toy that'll arrive before his solo movie ever does, and the most adorable Kirby plush around makes his debut. Check it out!

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo's regular round-up of the latest and greatest toys. This week, we officially get on the objective for LEGO's Overwatch line, Hot Toys unleashes the galaxy's most kitted-out Astromech droid, and the new Bumblebee movie gets a very cool figure. Check it out!

Unlike IKEA furniture or a kid's bicycle, "assembly required" is the feature that makes LEGO's building sets so appealing. Half the fun is working your way through the instruction manual and watching your model slowly take shape. Some sets are more challenging, while others result in a final model with more playability. But of all the sets I've assembled over the past 30+ years, LEGO's Aston Martin DB5 strikes the perfect balance between everything that makes the building toy so enjoyable.

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