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Australia's love affair with the venerable LandCruiser stretches back to the '50s, when Sir Leslie Thiess bought a bunch of FJs to work on the Snowy Hydro scheme. Since then, Australians have bought over 700,000 Landcruisers -- a full 10 per cent of the 7 million sold around the world in the last seven decades.

Anyone who has travelled through the red centre knows the feeling -- there's awe at the beauty of our country, a feeling of freedom, and with 70 per cent of Australia -- over 5.4 million square kilometers -- receiving no mobile signal, a sense that if an emergency happens (unless you have a satellite phone) you're probably screwed. Now while you might be far from a mobile tower out bush, it turns out you're never too far from a Toyota LandCruiser. Seriously.

One in ten LandCruisers manufactured globally are purchased in Australia, there are nearly half a million of the vehicles in operation across the country. That's why a new device is being fitted to LandCruisers, enabling them to create a pop-up emergency network that will bring communications to the most remote parts of the country.