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The Toshiba Science Museum in Tokyo doesn't just house a bunch of fun activities to bring out your inner science nerd, it also features some of the oldest computers in the world -- like the Todai Automatic Computer (TAC).

Developed by the University of Tokyko and Toshiba co-founder Hideo Yamashita from 1951-1958, the cathode-ray tube storage device which features 7,000 vacuum tubes and 3,000 diodes. Scroll down for a closer look of how the TAC looks today.

Don't think Republicans can be punk rock? Well, in 1987, they staged one of the most punk rock protests that Capitol Hill has ever seen. They smashed a boombox to pieces with some sledgehammers. The part that was slightly less punk rock? They smashed it because they were mad at Toshiba for making electronics sold in the Soviet Union.

The Toshiba brand used to be a reliable, good value name in televisions -- not quite as technologically advanced or as stylish as Samsung or LG or Sony, but with some high quality panels at more affordable prices than competitors. Toshiba stopped selling TVs in Australia a few years ago, but now they're back; from the start of April, you'll be able to get a Toshiba telly in your favourite big-box electronics store.

One of the things I really like about the Microsoft Surface Book isn't how useful it is as a tablet, but how useful it is as a laptop. Given that I type and browse the 'net a lot more than I watch video and play touchscreen games, it's important to me that a 2-in-1 laptop be good at the laptop part. Enter this particular bad boy: Toshiba's Satellite Radius 12 is a 12-inch notebook, with a beautiful display and powerful hardware, and also a versatile screen hinge that lets it flip around into tablet mode.

Hi guys, I really need to buy a new hard drive -- but I am torn between the choice of a WD Black 4TB which is currently $309 on PC Case Gear or a Toshiba 4TB, which unfortunately they have stopped selling but other sites I think still do. However Toshiba also have the X300 series but I haven't found any reviews on them. I was wondering if possible if you could do a comparison on them regarding performance and their pricing. Cheers, Peter

Thinking of picking up a new flatscreen TV any time soon? Whether you're thinking of spending a motza on a massive OLED, curved, 4K extravaganza or just picking up a cheap second screen for the bedroom or kid's room, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you're shopping around.

Toshiba's Portege laptops have always been thin and light. Really thin and light. They're known for their ultraportable and small form factors, business-friendly designs and impressive feats of battery life. That same trend continues with the new Portege Z20t, which now splits in half -- it's one half Intel Core M-powered tablet and one half battery-packing keyboard dock, combining for one versatile Ultrabook.

Tiny capacious flash drives not only make it easy to carry gigs and gigs of data wherever you go, they also makes it easy to lose gigs and gigs of data. So if you've had more flash drives go MIA than you prefer to remember, Toshiba will now let you password-protect those lost files with a built-in PIN pad so you don't have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.