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Swiss authorities are trying to crack a strange case involving the disposal of €100,000 ($150,097) worth of €500 notes that were flushed down the toilets of public establishments in Geneva. The perfectly good cash caused thousands of dollars worth of plumbing damage and officials are stumped by the seemingly pointless destruction.

History has left us with many wonders, sometimes buried in elaborate vaults or ornate tombs. Other times, artefacts of times past are found in somewhat sophisticated surroundings. Take for instance, the Museum of the American Revolution's latest 82,000-piece haul -- found in 300-year-old toilets in Philadelphia.

Briefly: Fancy toilets are not a thing that have really caught on in North America. Being blasted in the arse with scented water is not seen as a core component of the American Dream, but as the NYT reports with some cutting-edge journalism, fancy toilets are slowly invading US shores.

In the age of smart phones, we probably spend more time sitting on toilets than ever before. And technology has changed the toilet-making process, too. Recently we visited a massive factory in Hungary where humans and robots make toilets hand in hand.

Look around you, at all the people who are inevitably using their smartphones right now. Statistically, almost half of them have dropped their phones in the toilet at some stage. Chances are, almost half of those people are still using the same phone they once dropped in the toilet. According to the results of an online survey released by LifeProof, Australia is experiencing an epidemic of phones being dropped in unsavoury places.

There you are, visiting a remote cabin, when it's time to poop. You walk into the bathroom and there's a toilet seat, like normal, but underneath it is nothing but a hanging plastic bag. What do you do in it and how do you dispose of it after? Don't worry, IndefinitelyWild is here to help you poop properly.

Globally, about 2.5 billion people don't have access to basic sanitation facilities. One of the biggest initiatives to improve this statistic comes from the Gates Foundation, which sponsors an annual challenge to reinvent the toilet. Now big-time bathroom manufacturer Kohler is making one of the winning ideas a reality for rural India.

How many bedpans is too many? 10? 50? Try 250. That's about how many bedpans and items of bedpan memorabilia Eric Eakin has collected thus far. "I have bedpan greeting cards, bedpan poems, bedpan jewelry, and bedpan salt-and-pepper shakers," he says. Eakin's also got plenty of vintage and antique bedpans, each one clean enough to eat out of, should you be so inclined.

At some point between the terrible twos and terrifying threes, most of us embarked on a pilgrimage to the great ceramic bowl in the sky. It was a long journey, which left in its wake frustrated parents, soiled sheets, and tiny mounds of ill-timed poop. But over time, with practice and patience, we collectively conquered the art of potty usage.

The flushing toilet is a remarkable piece of technology that keeps our cities sanitary. But what happens when you say goodbye to your creations and flush the thing?

Go to any large-scale outdoor event, like a music festival, and you'll be confronted by an array of public toilets -- but some may not really be fit to use by the time you get to them. Here's how to ensure you get the best spot to relieve yourself, using maths.