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ComicsAlliance has published a comprehensive future timeline of all the superhero movies that are slated to be released over the next six years. It's a list of all the confirmed ones, too — it's still missing "one or two movies" from Marvel in 2019, apparently — and of course dates may change — but this is pretty much a locked-down list of all the awesome movies that you'll want to go and see for the next few years.


What does a photograph mean to you today? Maybe an Instagram pic shot with your iPhone, or a Facebook group photo taken with a point-and-shoot, or perhaps a DSLR-taken, Flickr-uploaded portrait. But what was it before? Kodak? Polaroid? This Facebook Timeline shows you the life of a photograph, from its origins all the way to the present day.


In The Social Network, Movie Mark Zuckerberg describes his project as the entire college social scene, put online. In a sense, he completely pulled it off. Now Real Zuck's lept beyond beer pong: your entire existence, Facebook-ified. It's terrifyingly amazing.


Facebook has decided Timeline is ready for the non-New Zealand population, and flipped the global switch: starting today, those still sans-Timeline "will receive a notification on their Profile if they want to 'Get Timeline' or they can visit www.facebook.com/about/timeline."


It's been about nine years since we were first introduced to the iPod. Over those years the little Apple gadget has grown more powerful, gained some siblings, and become a household name. Here's an overview of how this all happened.