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Video: 3D printers haven't quite ushered in a new industrial revolution, but every day it seems there's another irrational reason why you might consider buying one. As this soothing timelapse reveals, if you have the patience to wait almost 10 days, you could 3D print yourself an impressive replica of the Millennium Falcon in a single pass.

To those of us who can barely stay within the lines of a colouring book, watching a painting come to life, like this incredibly detailed and menacing dragon, is akin to watching a magician perform. We don't know how artist Chris Scalf does it, but we're happy to sit back and be amazed as we watch the whole thing play out before our eyes. Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.

Video: One of the last magazines that's still worth reading in print form, National Geographic has featured some fascinating stories over the years, but most of us likely pour through each issue to marvel at the photography. First published way back in 1888, the magazine celebrates its 130th birthday in 2018 and is kicking off the festivities with this fantastic timelapse of all its past covers.

Video: Through the lens of a talented photographer, familiar scenes can be turned on their heads, fooling your eyes into seeing something completely different. In this video, it looks as though Lars Leber captured the ocean as waves churned up a blanket of sea foam, but in reality it's a long timelapse of clouds slowly rolling through Colorado Springs.