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Today's slim, svelte computers look great. You, on the other hand, look like a total yutz fumbling around to plug a thumb drive into a USB port that's somehow perpetually upside down. What if saving your data was as easy as slapping a sticky note on your screen? That's what a design team proposes with this highly theoretical design for paper-thin, sticky memory cards.


The highly classified, confidential documents that revealed the NSA's massive data-mining operation, PRISM, were leaked from the NSA's facilities on none other than a simple, innocuous thumb drive. Any sort of portable digital device is understandably barred by the highly secretive branch of government, but whistleblower Edward Snowden somehow managed to download thousands of files — of which investigators claim to "know how many he downloaded and what server he took them from."


Android in your pocket? OK, you already have that if you have an Android phone, but in terms of flexibility, nothing quite beats an actual PC. So what if you could carry about a small portable computer running Android, just waiting for whatever task you want to throw at it? Enter the AllWinner A10 Android 4.0 mini PC.