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Today's slim, svelte computers look great. You, on the other hand, look like a total yutz fumbling around to plug a thumb drive into a USB port that's somehow perpetually upside down. What if saving your data was as easy as slapping a sticky note on your screen? That's what a design team proposes with this highly theoretical design for paper-thin, sticky memory cards.


The highly classified, confidential documents that revealed the NSA's massive data-mining operation, PRISM, were leaked from the NSA's facilities on none other than a simple, innocuous thumb drive. Any sort of portable digital device is understandably barred by the highly secretive branch of government, but whistleblower Edward Snowden somehow managed to download thousands of files — of which investigators claim to "know how many he downloaded and what server he took them from."


Android in your pocket? OK, you already have that if you have an Android phone, but in terms of flexibility, nothing quite beats an actual PC. So what if you could carry about a small portable computer running Android, just waiting for whatever task you want to throw at it? Enter the AllWinner A10 Android 4.0 mini PC.


Need some extra storage? Sounding like something out of a TV infomercial, LaCie's new MosKeyto (Get it? Geeeet it?) is so tiny, you won't even know it's there! But really, this thing is clever - stick it in and forget.


The world has changed. My first digital camera - a Cybershot P9 from Sony that shot 5MP stills and cost me $1,300 (right before the bottom fell out of the digital camera market) was state of the art for its time. Nowadays, both DSLRS and compacts are shooting HD video, 10MP stills and can chew through your memory faster than my old Cybershot chewed through its included 32MB memory stick. Fortunately, memory has also changed to adapt to the growing needs of the discerning photographer, with faster read and write speeds and higher capacities. And Giz AU has partnered with Lexar to offer readers the chance to win one of 10 high capacity storage prize packs.


Oh mystical USB drive I come to you with an important question: "Will there be any Snickers left in the breakroom vending machine?" (Stars Say Yes). Thank you USB drive. You are truly wise.


In recent years, that vast majority of thumbdrive "innovations" have been...well...non-technical. However, Kanguru has actually done something useful by integrating an eSATA plug with a standard USB 2.0 drive. For folks with eSATA capability, that means performance speeds that are several times faster than USB. The drive even comes packaged with an eSATA + Power bracket and an eSATA + Power cable for easy hookup. The drives are shipping now in 16GB ($US85) and 32GB ($US120) varieties with a 64GB version slated for January of 2009.