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In this week's roundup: neon asteroids, demolished; ancient Rome, explored; free kicks, taken; ropes, cut; languages, translated; Boomshakalaka!, revisited; and much, much more.

In this week's thank-goodness-it's-the-end-of-the-week app roundup: Goo, sculpted; TiVo, controlled; places to eat, discovered; Twitter, relaxed; history, revisited; PBS, appreciated, and much, much more.

In this week's app mix: translating, made magical; spooky old games, ported; contacts, managed; other contacts, stalked; Monkey Island, revisited; your friends' tweets and Facebook updates, beautified; and a whole lot more!

In this week's app roundup: Infinity Blade, unsheathed; zombies, murked creatively; all the frustrations of Jenga; miniaturised; the great songs of ABBA, sung splendidly; planes, safely directed to landing strips with other air traffic control people and more!

In this week's ABOUT TIME app round up: Rage HD, finally released!!!; photos, shared with your closest friends; The Economist, making you look smarter; analogue synths, emulated; and much, much more.

In this week's super stellar app roundup: beasts, boxed; reminders, reminded; songs, bumped; villages, nurtured into cities; the fiddle, made magical; cross platform messaging, simplified; Muji, in app form; melodies, scribbled; and much more!

In this week's hallowed app round up: Zombies, taken back into time to be killed; videos, easily watchable on your iPhone; Johnny Cash, in black and white on your iPad; your food, beautifully photographed; and so much more!

In this week's super-spooky app roundup: Sudoko, complicated; your friends, turned into Justin Bieber; Angry Birds, made angrier and spookier; Yojimbo and Victoria's Secret, playing nice with your iPad; your tweets, mashed-up with Mario; and so much more!

In this week's super duper app round up: trains, made exciting; basketball, played in space; the New York Times, expanded on the iPad; Sonic the Hedgehog, spin dashing all over your iPhone, and more!

In this week's wacky wild app round up: UFOs, videotaped; photographs, shared; Google, goggled; first-person shooting; assassinating real-life opponents; recipes, collected; tranquil text-editing, achieved for free; and more!

In this week's awesome blossom round up: Apple's Remote, finally updated; The New Yorker, digitised on your iPad; Wine, discovered; weather, beautified; Vikings, glorified; Beejive, Android bound and more!

In this week's totally tasty roundup: Gourmet, back and more beautiful than ever on the iPad; Mario Batali, in your pocket; vegetables, endeared to your children; reminders, set; international texting, made free; and more!

In this week's rip roarin' round up: Windows, on your iDevice; stop-motion animations, created; frogs, cared for; Sims, following their dreams; and much more!

In this week's rootin' tootin' round up: your jogging, tracked without a sensor; pizzas, adorably delivered; autotuned voicemails, regrettably recorded; crimes, committed with multitouch; scales, mastered; apps, shopped for greater efficiency; and so much more!

In this week's rockin' and rollin' round up: Shazam, improved; Spidey's webs, slung; photographs, bubble-ified; space, explored; to do lists, beautified; iPad music-making, jettisoned into the future and more!

In this week's rootin' tootin' roundup: Gmail, pushed; Don Draper, emulated; Phantasy Star II, had on your iPhone(!) and much much more!

In this week's totally radical app round up: wasting time on the mobile web, simplified; battleships, sunk; appointments, maintained minimalistically; monsters, evaded (and blasted); your childhood fear of puppets, worked through and much, much more!

In this week's totally awesome app round up: Splodes, sploded; nearby lightning strikes, pinpointed; the apocalypse, rendered in adorable 8-bit style; free turn-by-turn navigation, improved; Xvid files, played on your iPad; and so much more!

In this week's jailbreaky round up: dogfights, fought; dates, creepily charted; Osmos, miniaturised; friends, made into zombies; your workout routine, streamlined and much, much more!

In this week's multitouch empire-expanding app round-up: images, kaleidoscope'd on the iPad; news, given the Pulse treatment on Android; iPhone cameras, Photo Booth'd; alarm clocks, beautified; Scrabble, made hexagonal; and helicopters, steered into battle on the iPhone and much more!