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If you want to master something, do it a lot. Artist Scott Saslow took that to heart when he, a couple years ago, embarked on a project to create one movie poster a year. Now, he's still making posters, and his work is incredible — minimal but iconic, made with a deft awareness of exactly how to translate a film into a single arresting image.

Look, The Shape of Water is great. Seriously, it is. But when you look at film history, the fact that The Shape of Water is the first science fiction film to ever win Best Picture is kind of weird. There have been decades and decades of phenomenal sci-fi films better than The Shape of Water, so for it to get the award first also feels a little frustrating. Here are some of the movies that earned the Best Picture Oscar - even if they didn't win it.

Earlier this week, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water became the first science fiction film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. And whether you believe the film deserved the award or not, it was a landmark moment for genre films. To celebrate the victory, we've gone back through our archives to see where The Shape of Water began, where it went, and so much more.

If we told you last year that a movie about a mute woman having a torrid, romantic relationship with a modernised version of the Creature From the Black Lagoon was going to dominate at the Oscars in terms of nominations, you might have chuckled a little to yourself. 2017 was a simpler time. The 2018 Academy Award nominations are in and there's a lot for genre fans to be happy about.

For anyone familiar with the work of Guillermo Del Toro, they will know that he has a penchant for monster movies, and utilising them to explore both the innate flaws and immense beauty that humanity has to offer.

Although that concept that ‘the humans were the monsters all along’ seems trite, Del Toro manages to explore it in a way that is fresh and intricate. While still hitting on the themes that fans have come to expect from him.