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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo's regular roundup of all the weirdest and most wonderful toys around. This week: The LEGO Movie 2 gets some LEGO sets (duh), Hasbro finds a new way to sell you cutesy little Star Wars figurines, and... a toilet in disguise. Yes, really! Check it out!

Get a look at Stephanie Beatriz's new LEGO Movie 2 villain. Evan Peters teases the dramatic struggles of Dark Phoenix. Purported audition reels for Doom Patrol tease a very sweary version of Cyborg. Plus, bad news for Shadowhunters, new footage from Ant-Man and The Wasp, and what's to come on Supergirl's finale. Spoilers!

Kiersey Clemons re-confirms her Flash role. A future Deadpool film could finally turn Morena Baccarin's character into her comic book counterpart. Gotham will be adapting another comic book storyline for its final season. Plus, a sneak peek at the season finale of iZombie, and footage from the set of The Punisher. Spoilers now!

The LEGO Batman Movie just revealed it has a lot more surprises in store than just DC heroes. The Flash will go ape in an episode which sounds fantastic. The Walking Dead promises more action in its future, and has some proof to back it up. Oh, and much, much more. Spoilers, ho!

Tom Holland shares the world's coolest Spider-selfie from the set of Spider-Man Homecoming. The LEGO Movie sequel gets some input from the man behind BoJack Horseman. Sleepy Hollow gains a new regular, but loses two. Plus, new pictures from Suicide Squad, and Jim Gordon battles a weird creature on the set of Gotham. Spoilers now!