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Back in 2013, the sky was the limit for Tesla and Elon Musk was promising a low-cost 90-second battery swap at charging stations in the future. Since then, reality has set in and those plans seem to be on hold. What's the next best solution for those long charging times? Maybe put your feet up and grab a $1 coffee.


China has announced plans to end sales of all fossil fuel-powered cars. Bloomberg reports that Xin Guobin, vice-minister of the Industry and Information Technology Ministry, is finalising a timetable for ending production and sales of petrol-powered cars while stepping up incentives for hybrid and electric cars, though no exact deadline has been announced. China has long pushed for electric cars (called "New Energy Vehicles" in the country), introducing tax breaks for new buyers and planning 100,000 new charging stations in 2017 alone.


Video: Can batteries power the world?

Here's a quick explanation of the physical and chemical limitations to electrolytic batteries, and how we might surpass the energy density and specific energy of lithium-ion batteries - like the Panasonic 18650 batteries used in the Tesla Model S, for example.


Beginning in Melbourne's Federation Square today and tomorrow (August 14 and 15), there's a tiny Tesla house making the rounds of the country - showing off the Powerwall and educating the public on how to generate, store and use renewable energy for your home.

Oh, and the tiny home is towed by a Tesla Model X, because of course it is.

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“The storage battery is, in my opinion, a catchpenny, a sensation, a mechanism for swindling the public by stock companies.” - Thomas Edison, 1883

When American inventor Thomas Edison made this statement, he was working on the nickel-iron battery. It became the backbone of the electric vehicle fleet of the day, before petrol took over. At the time, the lead-acid battery was in its infancy and went on to outperform Edison’s nickel-iron technology.


Join us as Tesla introduces its mass-market electric car to the world. The Model 3 is designed to be an electric car for everyone, with an affordable starting price tag and a compelling set of vital statistics. Will it impress? Jump in here and find out.


On Saturday afternoon, Tesla will hand over the first 30 of its brand new, (comparatively) affordable Model 3 all-electric sedans to the first of hundreds of thousands of pre-order holders. Here's how you can tune in and watch along, whether it's either to see just what the new car is like or to see whether it's worth putting your money down for.