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Telstra has completed what it says is the first stage of a national upgrade to its backhaul transmission network, and Tasmania reaps the spoils — its two Bass Strait undersea cables have been doubled in capacity to 1 terabit per second. Telstra says that the new tech can handle 200,000 HD videos being streamed simultaneously. Who wants to get out their phone and have a go?

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Got a phone but need a plan? You're in good company. According to Telsyte, two-thirds of Aussies who switched phone plans last year moved to no contract plans, and you can be sure when they run these numbers again, the proportion of SIM Only plan purchases will increase again.

In short, it's time to find the best SIM Only plan. Here are the best options for five different types of user.


The Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation was set up to ensure that all Australians have access to a landline. The Federal Government's Productivity Commission just a released a report calling the $3 billion over 20 years initiative "anachronistic and costly", recommending it should end by 2020.

The report points to the "sizable public investment" in NBN infrastructure that will provide high-speed (voice-capable) broadband "to all premises (on request) across Australia by 2020 at a quality that is, for the most part, superior to what has been available" as one of the reasons for ending the program.


If you're having trouble making calls or accessing the internet using your fixed-line Telstra connection in western Sydney, here's the reason: an exchange fire overnight in Parklea has knocked some home, business and mobile phone services offline — and full repairs could take a couple of days.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has ruled against a wholesale domestic mobile roaming service - which would allow rival telcos to roam using Telstra's network - stating there was "insufficient evidence" a declaration on the service would improve the current state of competition.

It is a move both Vodafone and Pivotel have called a "missed opportunity" for regional Australians who are currently solely reliant on Telstra for their telecommunications needs.