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There are tons of untold Doctor Who stories out there -- but none have ever captivated fans quite so much as the almost-aired "Shada". In the nearly 40 years since it was originally cancelled, it has become legendary among Who fans, and a story the BBC has frequently tried to tell, including in a new animated version due out next month. But what makes "Shada" so special? Just about everything.


Here's to the fools who dream... of electric sheep. YouTuber William Yates (under the name The Doctor of Will) released a short fan teaser trailer for La La Land 2049, a futuristic sequel for the 2016 movie musical that explores love in a vacuum of endless time instead of making it yet another example of Ryan Gosling explaining jazz.

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Movie theatres are a nightmare. They're expensive, they're loud -- but most importantly, I can't start and stop the movie. At home, I rarely make it through a movie without pausing at least once for a snack refill and a bathroom break. That alone makes home rental better than the theatre. One thing would change my mind: Intermissions at the theatre.


Karl Urban is unsure about the future of the Star Trek movies. Kevin Feige discusses bringing the style of Thor: Ragnarok to the Avengers movies. Another familiar face is coming back for X-Files. Plus, teeny new snippets of Justice League footage, and tons of new pictures from the big CW/DC crossover. Spoilers now!


I think it's pretty safe to say everyone is loving Blade Runner 2049. It's even made Harrison Ford Happy, and that's no small feat.

But all these remakes lately has had a few of us thinking - is newer really better, especially when it comes to the classic vehicles we've come to know and love?