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Turns out you can make a camera from just about anything. Even a cardboard box with a hole in it. Because the process is so simple (as long as you're not expecting to compete with Hasselblad), it gives creative people a lot of leeway to experiment with the photo-capturing process. Like, say, replacing your lens with thousands upon thousands of straws.


There's a bit of crossover when it comes to the lexicons of cameras and weapons (aiming, shooting, etc.) so it's no surprise that someone would be inspired to find a way to combine them. Photographer and artist Jason Siegel decided his take would be a literal fusion of familiar camera components to create fake guns, explosive and other wartime paraphernalia as part of his "Shoot Portraits, Not People" exhibit.


Conceptually, a camera lens isn't a complicated piece of kit. Still, the quality of images photographer Mathieu Stern managed to take with his 3D-printed lens, featuring a single front element and mounted on his Sony Alpha 7ii, is still surprising. Only the blur and distortion in the corners gives the game away.