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Slides, teeter-totters, and even merry-go-rounds are all just bit players at a playground. The real star of the show are always the swing sets, because as this first-person GoPro footage reminds us, they're about as close as you can get to riding a roller coaster without any kind of safety gear.


Step aside dancing fountains and community gardens, it's the age of the urban swing set. I'm not talking about playgrounds. These are swings designed for adults, enticing the tushes of office workers, university students and tourists — city dwellers young and old who all want to take a turn kicking their legs up into the sky.


The simple pleasure of swinging is one that most of us probably haven't enjoyed in years. At the historic Convento Das Dominicas n the Portuguese city of Guimarães — itself a Unesco World Heritage site — designers Cláudia Oliveira and Isabel Bourbon of creative studio Elas Duas gave visitors of all ages an opportunity to sway on a special sound-enhanced installation.


It's hard to get excited about another drawn-out business meeting. Stiff chairs. A circle of equally bored faces. Maybe your leg falls asleep from all that sitting. You jiggle it silently in your seat and stumble gracelessly on your way out the door. Listen up, bosses and interior designers: It doesn't have to be this way!