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Earlier this year, Saban Brands made the surprise announcement that Hasbro was taking over the merchandising licence for the Power Rangers franchise in Western markets, but as it turns out, that was only the beginning. Today, Hasbro announced that it has agreed to purchase the rights to the entire Power Rangers licensing deal from Hasbro outright for over half a billion dollars.

Whenever you think about Power Rangers, chances are you think about the American adaptation of the Japanese live-action kids series Super Sentai, a show about brightly coloured spandex superheroes dramatically flipping away from pyrotechnics. But the toys based on the various TV series are just as important to the franchise. And now, for the first time in Power Rangers history, someone else will be making them.

When you think of a superhero team, your mind probably wanders to the Avengers or the Justice League. In Japan, most people would immediately cast those heroes aside in favour of one of the many incarnations of Super Sentai, the masked heroes who have been a huge part of Japanese culture for over four decades. Want to know more? Here's our handy guide.