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TomTom's HD Traffic service has finally arrived in Australia with the launch of four new 'Go Live' in-car GPS devices starting at $299. (Yes, they've also updated the TomTom iPhone app). And unlike the Suna traffic service used by Garmin and Navman, TomTom uses a built-in SIM card (not FM) to track and update user data, official incident reports, and real time traffic flows. HD Traffic also works in both metro and regional areas.


The SUNA traffic channel is now in pretty much every high end satnav on the market, but it turns out what we've seen so far is just "phase one". This week the company behind SUNA, Intelematics, has taken the lid off phase two, and it means a big improvement over traffic accuracy.


One thing the iPhone's multitude of proper satnav apps don't offer is live traffic updating from the SUNA traffic channel. If you have a dedicated satnav with traffic support, you can now avoid traffic in Canberra comfortably. And not just by getting the hell out of Canberra...