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Watches have moved well beyond the simple functional timepieces of yesteryear, especially as so many of our gadgets treat telling the time as a very peripheral function. Today's watches aso need to look good on your wrist. Here's our pick of five top stylish high-tech watches. What are yours?


As with desktop monitors, screen quality and price are paramount when buying a big TV. But visual appeal still sits somewhere on that list of 'nice-to-haves' — and some models try to blend the best of both worlds. Here are some big screens that have caught our eye, but we’re keen to see what you would recommend...


Screen quality and price are probably the biggest factors when buying a display, but these days, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice visual appeal. Aesthetically speaking, what’s the best display around today? Here are a few to kick start the conversation, but we're keen to see what you recommend...


These days, any mobile you pick up can do the basics with aplomb — whether you're an Android afficionado, Apple fanboy or Windows Phone 7 fanatic. And for many, style is just as much an important consideration as the platform itself. So which phones do you think win on style points alone? Here are five of our favourites to start the conversation.