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Most of us have probably laughed at someone on television getting shocked by a stun gun. They tense up and fall to the ground, seizing like an epileptic. Once the shocking stops, the person gets up, seemingly unharmed. The occasional wet-your-pants complication is classic humour! All joking aside, there have been several reports showing the use of high voltage stun guns, like the Taser, (known in the medical world as electronic control devices { ECD's}) can (rarely) cause cardiac arrest.


Back in Februrary, a dazed and confused Dan Henry -- also known by his handle 'SuperDaE' -- answered his door to a squad of Western Australian Police officers and a representative from the FBI. They were there to raid Henry's home in search of the Xbox Durango development console he had attempted to sell on eBay as a prank. After spending months in legal limbo, Henry now expects to be charged on Monday, but not for offences relating to the Durango. Instead, he might only be charged with owning a stun gun.


You know, there are certain things you just shouldn't cheap out on—headphones, condoms, HDTVs, and I'm guessing stun guns. But since it's probably more of a risk for the guy you're zapping, why not? The Thunder Stun delivers 200,000-750,000 volts for just 13 US bucks. I'm sure it'll be fine, really. What could possibly go horribly, horribly wrong?