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Holy crap was there a lot of television this year. While we've already covered our best and worst shows of the year, there were many specific moments in these series, as well as memorable highlights from shows that didn't make it into our Top 10 list, that we'd be remiss to not highlight - or remind you of how awful they were. Steel yourselves, here comes our best and worst TV moments of 2017.

I stormed through the second season of Stranger Things during a nine-hour flight back from a social media-free holiday, so I wasn't around to see how people were reacting to the latest visit to the Upside Down. When I reached the seventh episode, "The Lost Sister", I remember thinking it was all right. Not the finest hour of television I'd ever seen, but it had some elements I genuinely liked, and I understood its place in the series. Lo and behold, once the internet was restored, the entire world was buzzing with how wrong I was about everything.

Even though they easily could have ended up being insufferable, the young actors at the centre of Stranger Things are actually endearing and charming as hell. But back when the Duffer Brothers were first dreaming the series up, they had every intention of killing one of those lovable kids on screen.

Maxine Mayfield, also known as Mad Max, was a much-needed addition to the second season of Stranger Things. The show was lacking in young female representation, apart from Nancy and Eleven, and after "Justice for Barb," adding a female co-star seemed like a smart and calculated choice. Only, what was supposed to be Stranger Things making amends for past mistakes actually ended up creating a new problem altogether.

The kids from 1980s Hawkins, Indiana, were back with Stranger Things 2, the second season of Netflix's breakout show from the Duffer Brothers. It arrived with huge expectations and massive excitement so, like many of you, we binged the whole thing on its first weekend. Overall, Stranger Things 2 was a delight, and a worthy additions to the pop culture phenomenon -- but it also definitely had a few issues. And below, we talk about it all, filled with spoilers.

Whenever there's a new, popular sci-fi movie like Avatar or television show like Stranger Things that features otherworldly creatures, there's a certain number of the people who see the strange beasts and think to themselves "I wanna have sex with that alien demon thing or whatever it is."