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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an able champion for his brand, but even he couldn't muster up much enthusiasm over sales of his Surface RT tablet in a recent interview with a French newspaper. Unless something was seriously lost in translation, sales of Microsoft's slate have been "modest" so far -- but just you wait until its big brother gets here.

Steve Ballmer just wrote a letter to Microsoft shareholders about the future of Microsoft and to update them on how much money they're printing with Office and the Enterprise market. The letter is mostly a bore fest, but Ballmer points Microsoft's future towards devices. Microsoft believes in making actual stuff.

We're well into tablet season with the release of the new Kindles and the almost-certain release of the iPad Mini next month. Microsoft's Surface is in the game too, although we know very little about it. In an interview with the Seattle Times, CEO Steve Ballmer was kind enough to mention the "sweet spot" for Surface pricing. Unfortunately, it's $US500-wide.

If you are using an iOS device, open any text window and write Ballmer. Unless you have someone named Ballmer in your address book, you are just going to get this from the autocorrection engine: Baloney.