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After years of waiting for fresh content, the Stargate fandom has finally been able to watch MGM's new 10-episode prequel web series, Stargate Origins, in its entirety on its streaming platform. The show, clocking in at just around two hours, was definitely cute, and that it both starred and was directed by women was noteworthy and laudable. But my favourite thing about Origins, really, was the chance to return to the Stargate universe and its long and rich canon.

The Stargate franchise is… intimidating. There are three movies, three TV series (two of them exceedingly long-running), an animated series, and tonight, a new web series begins, titled Stargate: Origins. There's so much Stargate that even if you wanted to check out its epic saga of soldiers, interstellar travel, and aliens posing as gods, the amount you'd need to watch seems overwhelming. But we have your back.

Video: Back in 1994, few could have predicted what Stargate would become. The original film was a hit, but what happened after is damn near unprecedented. Not a theatrical sequel, no, but several popular television series and a rabid fandom that far overshadowed the people who saw the original movie in theatres.