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Welcome, friends, to the story that never ends: it's Star Trek: Discovery and the flaming nightmare pile that has been every bit of PR for this show. It could be great, it could be bad, it has been impossible to tell. And it will remain impossible to tell, since CBS has reportedly made it a condition of seeing the show early that no reviews be released until Discovery airs.


There's a weird problem that keeps popping up with Star Trek: Discovery and I can't tell whose fault it is. Is it journalists writing about the show who don't know its background? Is it that the people involved in the show are bad ambassadors for it? Is it the way the show's being promoted? Is it just the news cycle? Whatever the cause, the effect is that Discovery is constantly marketed as groundbreaking when it should be marketed as following in Star Trek's footsteps.


The USS Discovery has got to be a ship stuck in one location, based on the number of weird u-turns and backpedals it has done. Contrary to the article in which Entertainment Weekly previewed its cover story on Star Trek: Discovery, apparently "God" is a perfectly fine word for a Terran to say.