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Australia’s national game, Australian Rules Football, features 22 men on two opposing teams trying to kick an oval ball through the middle of some large, vertical sticks. Over the past 23 weeks, the 18 teams of the Australian Football League (AFL) have tackled, kicked and jumper-punched each other to oblivion, leaving only eight teams to compete for the Premiership Cup.

Tonight, the Finals begin. And even if you hate football, you can’t avoid the conversations.


Video: Unless you're afraid of heights, few would call a ride aboard a hot air balloon a thrilling experience. But did you know there's such a thing as competitive hot air ballooning? It might not be as exciting as air-to-air combat in fighter jets, but can you think of a sport that has a better view?


Life as a Silicon Valley tech bro is awesome because you're rich, and all that sweet money buys you very expensive hobbies. The latest craze: Foiling. It evidently feels like flying except you're on the water and your bones get broken.


The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were doomed from the start. Some daft optimists thought that maybe, just maybe, if we just believed in Brazil, the politicians would pull through on their promises that the games would lift the city up to a new level of prosperity. But a year later, the opposite is true.


Virtual Reality is tech's biggest question mark. Could it become a mainstream medium, like movies or video games, or something completely different? A lot of people have tried and failed to answer that question, and while Intel's VR Happy Hour at the New Museum on Tuesday is no exception, roleplaying as a tree and directing a monster is a pretty entertaining way to spend two hours.


Video: One of humanity's worst decisions has to be the pairing of darts with bars full of drunk patrons making terrible decisions. Throwing tiny pointed spears when you can barely stand once seemed like a dangerous way to have fun, until the lads at How Ridiculous decided to play darts off a 45m-tall observation tower.


Quietly flying under the radar in the fitness wearables market is Whoop, a manufacturer of high-end wrist-worn straps that measure data 100 times per second. In what could turn out to be one of the more bizarre licensing agreements ever, the startup struck a deal with the NFL Players Association this week that will make it possible for players to sell their health data.


Video: We've all seen footage of giant factory robots hoisting and placing heavy parts with perfect precision, so it should come as no surprise that a robot arm can adeptly play the knife game without lopping off someone's finger. But even with that in mind, you'll still be stressed watching this stabby robot in action.


Who among us hasn't wondered who would win in a fight between a bear and an alligator? Or a ram and a tiger? A badger and a gopher? While these animals are all university mascots represented in the NCAA March Madness tournament, they're also competitors in an imaginary Pokemon battle-style spinoff tournament playing out right now on Twitter. And the "fights" are absurdly scientific.


AFL fans around the country have long come to terms with the fact that, when it comes to modern broadcasting technology, the sport steadfastly lives 50 years in the past. True, free-to-air finally moved to proper high definition video last year, but now the AFL and Telstra have stuffed up the digital side of things, restricting the maximum size one can watch the stream on mobile devices to "iPhone size".


The NFL's Pro Bowl game kicks off on Sunday night ahead of next week's Super Bowl, and part of the pre-game festivities included a fun series of "skills showdowns". For some reason, this meant pitting some of the game's best wide receivers and defensive backs against football-dropping drones.


Video: You won't want to actually kick it around without wearing steel-toed shoes, but Russian carpenter Vladimir Zhilenko makes turning a bunch of wooden pentagons into a perfectly-round soccer ball look incredibly easy. The final sanding looks especially satisfying, assuming you don't accidentally sand away your fingertips in the process.