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As a general rule I had decided to completely ignore all "next-gen" console rumours -- basically because there were so many of them and they couldn’t all be accurate! But Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has put together a pretty compelling case that one of the earlier leaks may actually have been a real thing. Interesting stuff.


The last we heard of the upgrade to LG's Prada phone, the Prada II, was a grainy photo and some speculative specifications. Now over at Boy Genius Report they've been given a run-down on the full specs of the phone from a source they trust. The rumoured 5-megapixel camera is indeed there, with flash and VGA video capability. 850MHz/2100MHz HSDPA's there too, as is the 3-inch screen. Read on for more.


The 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi may still be technically a draft specification, but the IEEE has now completed the 802.11r specs, making a new standard for Wi-Fi roaming. Why should you care about this? It's designed for those moments when a Wi-Fi-connected device moves between hotspots, something the original 802.11 specs didn't have in mind. Typically a transition between spots involves a drop and re-associate delay of around 0.1 seconds, which is enough to drop a VoIP call: 802.11r allows re-association with the new Wi-Fi source in less than 0.05 seconds, which should keep your call connected. The specs and also cover security associations and reservation of QoS resources for roaming Wi-Fi connections and have been under development for four years.