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Last week, the Indian Space Research Organisation performed a crucial pad-abort test on their crew capsule spacecraft, a successful crewed launch of which would make India only the fourth country ever to independently launch a human into space, after the (late) Soviet Union, United States, and China.

The Russian Proton rocket, the Soviet Union's and then Russia's primary medium-lift workhorse rocket, is finally being discontinued after a remarkable 53-year run. A Proton rocket launched the very first space station ever into orbit (and every Soviet and Russian one since). A combination of highly toxic fuels, a launch site outside of Russia, and competition from SpaceX all sealed the Proton's fate.

Billionaires are taking to space the way wistful young men take to the sea in 19th Century novels. Last week, Elon Musk launched his Tesla Roadster at the astroid belt using the world's most powerful rocket currently in operation. Not to be outdone, Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen also has a big plan (and a big plane) for going to space.