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This job does things to you, folks. Once, I would be surprised and bemused by the things Hollywood tries to turn into major franchises in 2019. I might observe how the truth now matches what we used to make up as parody. But, look, Battleship is a real movie and Rihanna was in it and that was seven years ago. So let’s just skip the song and dance.

If there ever was a strong case for a false advertising lawsuit, it would involve the box art that accompanied the countless video games released in the '80s. Rarely did the artwork match the visuals in the actual game, but instead of taking companies like Atari to court, artist Dan Polydoris has turned the characters on the boxes into actual action figures.

If it's important for your grown-up home to reflect everything you loved about your childhood, you probably have already discovered that Etsy is a wonderland of nostalgia. And if your fingers still show the scars of years placing Space Invaders at your local arcade, you're sure to want to snatch up these hand-made invading alien rugs.

Like Tetris and Pong, the simple but challenging gameplay mechanics of Space Invaders have kept the game popular for decades now. And while this $US13 Space Invaders-themed mug isn't playable, it's still wrapped in those wonderful 1980s-era graphics, and features a moulded handle that looks like it was torn from an old-school arcade machine.

Even in a time where everything from our phones to our watches could easily serve up a classic game of Space Invaders, there's still something appealing about this miniature keychain version. It actually plays more like a cross between Space Invaders and Whac-A-Mole, but instead of bludgeoning rodents you're taking out blinking alien invaders that are coming for everyone and everything you hold dear.

Space Invaders: they move mindlessly. In formation, they slowly attack, heading towards earth with a terrifying, robotic certainty. But what happened before these invaders were selected to wage war on humanity? What happened then? In this brilliant comic, we get to see the Space Invader origin story -- watch as he is born, grows up, falls in love, has his heart broken and then -- tragically -- is drafted to war!

While using the Space Invaders multi-tool you may think you are the master, bending it to your will, but think again. The Space Invader is crafty and patient. Methodical. It is gathering intel. It is only a matter of time.