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Copyright maths might not be something you've lent much thought to before, but in this talk Rob Reid — founder of Rhapsody — tries to explain the silly numbers that are used to justify SOPA and PIPA. He's very funny, and his talk is very interesting. Turns out your iPod might be worth more than you thought.


The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement certainly sounds, just on the name of the thing alone, like not such a bad idea. But for the basic principles of personal privacy it is, and it's the latest in the recent rash of acronymic acts that the Internet's up in arms about. Here's what we in Australia need to know.


Another bill which would have violated the civil liberties of many — Hawaii's H.B. 2288 Internet Dossier bill — has been pulled off the table following public outrage. And for good reason; the law would have tracked every website Hawaiians visited and linked that browsing history to a name and address. It opened the door to profound first and fourth US amendment violations. But worst of all, it was born out of ignorance.


Senator Chuck Grassley, previously documented for his inability to express a coherent thought via World Wide Web, just had that burden removed: his Twitter account has been hacked. For the first time ever, his tweets make sense!


The Stop Online Piracy Act is on ice for now in the US, but has all the noise it created given our own government ideas on how it would approach the issue of online piracy? There's some slight cross-over with the filter, yes, but the far-reaching powers that a SOPA-like piece of legislation would grant go way beyond keeping the kids safe, as it were.