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It’s all about resistance this week, and by that we mean tyres, if you can’t make the car more streamlined or any lighter, you get the best tyres you can so that you minimise rolling resistance; that is the force against the motion of our wheels when they’re moving. You probably know by now that you lose some energy whenever friction is involved, and this is all about minimising that.


Since before Gizmodo Australia jumped on board, the UWS Solar Car team has been working tirelessly to try and get the funding it needs. This has involved harvesting then blindly contacting every single corporate they could. Sometimes we get no response, other times a straight out no, we do get lucky occasionally such as with Lenovo, SunPower and Gizmodo. As much as our coverage and interaction with you guys through Gizmodo is worth millions, if not billions, other teams have big things in their pipeline.


New team members, new design, new rules, same determination to win. Meet Gizmodo's World Solar Challenge team SolAce, as they try to build a world-beating solar car to race down the inhospitable spine of Australia and beat out better funded teams from Europe, the US and their own backyard. This week: how does a system designed for weapons development help our team create a world-beating Solar Car?


Gizmodo has been supporting the University Of Western Sydney's push to build a Solar Challenge car for this year's Sun-powered race between Darwin and Adelaide. After much hard work, careful planning and many scrunched up pieces of paper over late nights, we're proud to help introduce you to this year's medal contender: The Solace — proudly supported by Gizmodo.


We have been out of radio contact with our underdog University of Western Sydney Solar Challenge team for the last few weeks, that's because there have been some major changes in the works. Champion yacht builders, engineers whose credits include James Cameron's award-winning submarine, and technology from Australia's peak science organisation are all coming together to snatch victory from better funded rivals. This is the Solar Challenge team, proudly supported by Gizmodo.